The diverse needs and stories of AANHPI communities deserve to be told with complete accuracy.

Through its rigorous, scientific approach, Amplify AAPI illuminates the diverse needs, opinions, and experiences of AANHPI communities.

A Closer Look

Amplify AAPI offers you two ways to meet your research needs, custom surveys and monthly polls.

Monthly Poll:

Monthly polls give access to Amplify AAPI panelists, but with the increased speed and affordability that some research projects require. Submit your finalized survey questions in the middle of the month, and data from 1,000 completed surveys is delivered to you in five weeks.



  • $10,000 minimum entry fee (covers up to 5 questions units*)
  • $1,500 per each additional question “unit”

*A unit is a simple, straightforward, close-ended question, such as yes/no, a checklist of up to 10 response categories, or grid questions using a rating scale with up to four attribute statements.


Custom Surveys:  
Custom surveys provide ultimate flexibility in sample size, survey length, and overall survey creation to meet your nuanced research needs.



  • Contact us directly for a custom price quote
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Both custom surveys and monthly polls include the following standard deliverables:

  • One standard demographic banner table: age, gender, education, ethnicity, Asian origin, Region
  • Data file (Excel, SPSS, or SAS) including weights and Amplify AAPI Demographic Profile Variables


Custom Deliverables Provided at Additional Cost:

  • Custom banner tables—$350

  • Additional profile variable—$300 (Contact us for available variables)
    • Topline report, PowerPoint tables (Contact us for pricing)


Amplify AAPI demographics profile variables included:

  • Gender
  • Age (in years)
  • Age (4 and 7 categories)
  • Educational obtainment (5 categories) 
  • AANHPI Origin
  • Language Spoken at Home
  • Nativity
  • Paternal Nativity 
  • Maternal Nativity
  • Housing Type (single-family home, etc.)
  • Ownership of Living Quarters (rent/own) 
  • Household Income (4, 9 and 18 categories)
  • Marital Status
  • Home Internet Access
  • Telephone Service (landline and/or cell)
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area (urban/rural)
  • Region (U.S. Census—4 and 9 categories) 
  • State of Residence
  • Household Size
  • Current Employment Status
  • Survey Start Date (date/time), End Date (date/time), Duration (minutes), and Mode (online/phone)
  • Device Type used for Online Survey Taking (desktop/tablet/smartphone) 

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